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    THINK Globally and InterACT Regionally but LEARN Locally :: Rivers are both byways and barriers. To understand history, F1RST understand rivers. The care of rivers is not a question of rivers, but of the human heart. -- Tanaka Shozo

    Our ongoing "Wetland Learners" appeal needs your support. Show your love for our KVHAdventuring community-building efforts by placing a KU Bookstore Jayhawk Ink PoD order today.

  • Print on Demand Trails-n-Tales Books

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    Print on Demand Trails-n-Tales Books
    CLICK KU Bookstore Local Interest using GREEN Arrow ->> **

    [A] Exploring the Kaw Valley PoD by Lynn Byczynski (2002)
    ISBN: 0-9656695-7-2, $16.00 with 2-up color map (8.5x11")

    [B] Exploring Kaw Valley MonarchWatch (Color, 2-sided, 8.5x11" card stock)
    NatGeoMaps-WOK shows GPS-LLd waypoints with prior item, $20.00

    [C] Catfish Cookies by Barbara Higgens-Dover (2007)
    ISBN: 0-9790209-0-5, $12.00 (River Roots Series eBook)

    [D] Exploring the Kaw Valley PoD book with 2-up color map plus The Dashing Kansan: Lewis Lindsay Dyche The Amazing Adventures of a Nineteenth-Century Naturalist and Explorer ... (Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 1991), $40.00

    [E] Exploring the Kaw Valley PoD book with 2-up color map plus University of Kansas Press Roadside Kansas by Rex Buchanan: A Traveler's Guide... (Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2010, 2nd edition), 365 p.,$35.00

    [F] 2012 OCTA-Trailshead Chapter Guide Book:
    Ferries in Kansas: Color Map Cover (18pp), $5.00
    Kansas River Valley: Corridors of Influence ...

    [G] The Gospel of the Redman (Amazon Kindle Edition), $6.60
    This commemorative edition contains for the first time Seton's drawings of American Indian motifs, a selection of photographs illustrating his life, information about his role as founder of the Boys Scouts of America. http://amzn.to/OMtc9a

    "Rivers are both byways and barriers.
    To understand history, F1RST understand rivers"

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    KVHAdventuring,In. is an IRS 501(c-3) non-profit organization.
    Half of PoD book orders via this portal may be tax-deductible.

  • MonarchWatch Open House/Tagging

    Monarch Watch is a nonprofit education, conservation, and research program based at the University of Kansas that focuses on the monarch butterfly, its habitat, and its spectacular fall migration.

    We engage in research on monarch migration biology and monarch population dynamics to better understand how to conserve the monarch migration. We also promote protection of monarch habitats throughout North America.

    Join us at our Fall Open House at Foley Hall (KU West Campus) on Saturday, September 8th to celebrate the arrival of migrating monarchs coming from the north. This free event is designed to please children and adults alike.

  • StoryChasers Digital Witness

    Mission: We empower digital witnesses to constructively use media to share and preserve community stories.
    Overview: Storychasers provides workshops and moderated, online learning communities supporting digital storytellers.

    Description: We are a nonprofit educational organization based in Oklahoma. Our current projects are Celebrate Oklahoma Voices, Celebrate Kansas Voices, and Celebrate Texas Voices.

    General Information: Storychasers is an educational nonprofit empowering learners to become digital witnesses, archiving local oral history and sharing that history safely on the global stage of the Internet.

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  • Kansas Angels at Sunset by Tom Mach

    On April 25, 2012, the Kansas legislature approved and adopted the “Kansas Angels at Sunset” Centennial in recognition of the passage of Kansas Suffrage in 1912. According to Kansas House Representative Terri Lois Gregory of the 10th District, the centennial was so named because Tom Mach, the author of a historical novel named Angels at Sunset, worked tirelessly to convince the state of Kansas to honor those women who had finally succeeded in securing the right to vote in Kansas. http://www.tommach.com/

  • Prior KU Eco-History Influencers

    “Nothing Like It In The World” | KU History
    ... a unique demonstration of the taxidermist's art created by KU natural history ... Sullivan have noted in their 1990 biography of Dyche, The Dashing Kansan.

    Historians help honor horse of a different era / LJWorld.com
    Feb 2, 2012 – Historians spoke about how the beloved horse came to KU, how he was ... Bill Sharp, author of “The Dashing Kansan,” ...

    Popular Ku Books
    Books shelved as ku: The Dashing Kansan: Lewis Lindsay Dyche, the Amazing Adventures ...

    Sunflower Journeys 1992 Outline, revised 5/13/97
    May 13, 1997 – The Dashing Kansan: Lewis Lindsay Dyche of KU's Natural History Museum Cimarron Grasslands: Wildlife and vegetation in southwestern Kansas ...

  • Preview: The CowBoy Handbook

    Cow-Boy.com - The CowBoy Handbook


    When one word covers so much territory, it gets spread pretty thin. To sort it out a little, The CowBoy Handbook uses three forms of the word cowboy.

    1. Cow-boy (with the hyphen, as used in the 1860s and 1870s) identifies one of the devil-may-care, hell-for-leather cowhands who rode the open ranges and the long trails in the Golden Era in the 1870s and ’80s.

    2. Cowboy (without the hyphen) specifies one of the factual and fictional characters who came after the cow-boys. You will find eight varieties listed in Chapter 1.

    3. CowBoy signifies that special something, which has attracted people to CowBoy life and lore for more than a century. It has been said, “Cowboy is more an attitude than an occupation.” This book uses a special capital B version of the word to represent that Buckaroo Attitude and CowBoy Spirit.

    Going beyond job descriptions and titles, CowBoy zeroes in on a special state of mind available to anyone, anywhere, anywhen. You’ll find out how to get to that state in Chapter 21.

  • Celebrate Kansas ... Buffalo Spirits

    Hillsboro Free Press- Marion County, KS - VIEW FROM AFAR
    Jun 15, 2004 – ... "Buffalo Spirits," is a yarn about life in western Kansas from the 1950s ... near the fictional town of Odyssey
    who ends up in Chicago in 1968.

    Contributors « 150 Kansas Poems
    Elizabeth Black is the author of the novel Buffalo Spirits ...

    Osher Institute: Recovering a Lost Kansas ... -
    KU Calendar of Events
    http:// www.calendar.ku.edu/index.php?option=eventview&ce_id...

    Search KU Web, Search KU People, Search KU Events, Search KU Info ... In her novel, "Buffalo Spirits," Elizabeth Black explores "sense of place" and ecological ... Enter text for this section here

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